Because You Deserve It

Lately I feel as if I’ve been struggling. I’m not unhappy, I’m not sad, but I’m… content. While most people may crave that feeling, it scares me. I’m so petrified of losing myself and my adventurousness that I become impulsive when I feel content, or – for a better word – trapped.

These days I’ve been spread so thin to the point where I’m not giving anything 100%, which is causing me to fail at things I should be giving my all. I’ve been moody, grumpy, and short with my family at home. I’ve been neglecting my best friends because I can’t seem to find a spare second to myself, and the rare occasions where I do I selfishly want to keep it.

I’ve been a mediocre worker and an even worse blogger. And slowly, I feel like I’m drowning under the piles of “stuff” that continue to pile up. I don’t know if I’m bored, or craving another adventure to look forward to, but whatever it is – I need to snap out of it. I need to not take everything so seriously and stop being so hard on myself. I need to live in the moment, live in the now – and appreciate every second of it.

And so should you.

When you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders, whether it’s due to personal or professional reasons – take a step back, because you deserve it. 


Go for a walk and feel the sunshine on your arms.

Take an extra long lunch.

Appreciate yourself, and what you’ve accomplished.


Splurge on something you’ve been dying to have.

Treat yourself to a fancy dinner.

Have a cocktail (or three).

Leave your phone behind and soak in the moment.


Plan a dream future, and figure out how to make it a reality.

Ride a bike.

Watch the sunset.


Love yourself.

Because you, my friend, deserve it. 



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