Buddy: 5 Months

It feels like just yesterday I was rescuing this little fluffball and giving him a new home.


I never shared the story on the blog of how I found and adopted Buddy. I had found an online posting for golden retriever puppies who needed a good home. I drove out to the owners house and was immediately disturbed by what I saw.

Seven adorable golden retriever puppies were being kept outdoors in a fenced in pen that was covered in dirt, urine, and feces. These puppies were left outside day after day in the Northeast winter. It was probably the closest thing I’ve ever seen to a puppy mill and my heart broke. I guess you could say I helped contribute to puppy mills, but frankly the only thing I was thinking was I had to rescue the little guy.


So I did the only thing I could bear to do, I saved him. If I could have, I would have taken them all with me.

It was the best decision I’ve ever made.


And now my little guy is just a week shy of 5 months. Boy, the time has flown by. It feels like he’s sprouted up overnight going from a 12 lb little baby to a 27 lb dog.

A 27 pound dog  who still thinks he’s a lap dog, but who can resist this face?


I can’t believe how much Buddy has changed and grown since I first brought him home. When he was a puppy in Boston he was scared of everything. He was extremely timid and it took him awhile to warm up to people. He had absolutely no idea how to walk with a leash, and the “walks” we did take consisted of going out to the patch of grass in front of our building and running back and forth.

He was petrified of cars and the train, and loud noises sent him sprinting for the door. Taking baths were a nightmare. He wasn’t a fan of being covered in water and would cry the entire time. I would have to actually strip down to get into the shower with him because my clothes were covered in water by the end of his bath anyways.


My oh my how things have changed. These days, the only problem with walking with him is I can’t seem to keep up with him. He’s GO GO GO GO and half the time he’s chasing the cars he used to be so afraid of. Bath time is his favorite, despite the look on his face above and he instantaneously tackles anyone who walks in the door with kisses.


My favorite part about adopting Buddy is watching him grow and his personality develop. I love watching his trust for me grow and as that trust grows his fears dissipate. I love watching how he gets excited just over the sound of my voice.

Likes: Tennis balls, dog parks, walks, jumping into the shower while I’m mid-shower, chasing brooms, my dirty clothes, big fluffy comforters folded up, chicken, and early morning cuddles in my bed

Dislikes: The vacuum cleaner, loud sudden noises, the skateboard in my garage

Quirks: He loves to play in his water bowl. He purposely puts both paws and his face into his water dish and then likes to scoop out the water to lay in it. It’s weird and absolutely adorable. He also can’t play with you/his toys from afar, he has to be actually sitting IN your lap while playing – which can be quite difficult. He knows what his name is, but I’m pretty sure he’s adopting selective hearing and just choosing when to respond when he wants to turn his head. Stubborn little thing (just like his mama).

It’s been a wild ride. Puppy motherhood isn’t easy. There were nights when I got up every two hours to let this little guy out to use the bathroom and days where I’d rush home from work to see poop covering the crate (and him). I’m pretty sure for an entire week I had pee on me 24/7. For the first two weeks I never had time to do my hair, put on makeup, or even put on real clothes that didn’t have some sort of stain on them. I felt like a new mom! I was exhausted, worn out, overwhelmed, and probably really smelly.

But, I was also completely in love. I adore this little guy.


I can’t wait to see what the next 5 (+) months bring us.


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    what a cutie! Koji just hit his 4-month mark and I totally know what you’re talking about. He’s changed so much too. He used to HATE “walks.” Now he’s a pro and gets all wiggly and excited whenever I grab his harness and say the magic “walk” word. So happy that Buddy is out of that puppy mill. Sounds like he came from a bad place but has a wonderful home now :)

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    Buddy is adorable! Bo (my pup) is going to be three this May and he was actually 12 pounds when we brought him home from the breeder’s. Now he’s 60 pounds and still thinks he’s a lap dog. The plus side to that is you don’t need a blanket because they’re warm and like a blanket themselves because they’re so big they pretty much cover you completely. I’m glad you were able to get Buddy out of the situation he was in and I’m sure he’s glad that you were the one that rescued him.

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    AGH! He’s so adorable! When I was little we got a 1 year old golden who was kept outside even during the winter in MN and was abused by her owner. She turned out to be one of the best pets I ever could imagine…. and now I want a little golden too!

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