Christmas Family Traditions

And yet another Christmas has come and gone. 



In a world where things are continually changing, the constant traditions we repeat year after year make me feel comforted and secure. Each year we spend Christmas Eve as a family at our church’s candlelight service. It’s a service where I never fail to tear up while we sing Silent Night with the only light in the room coming from the light of our candles. It’s beautiful.

After church, the family heads over to our house for food, drinks, pictures and games. 


Even the king himself had his own little Santa photoshoot. ISN’T HE THE CUTEST!?


I die every time I look at this photo. 

After everyone has stuffed their faces grabbed a plate of food, it’s time for the fun. I bought a time travel machine for Christmas so we could all be in three places at once.


KIDDING ;) My sister and I both received iPhone 5s’s for Christmas, and my mom gave them to us before church. We had so much fun playing around with the different features such as panoramic shots (above) and the slow motion videos. My stomach started to hurt after laughing so hard! There’s nothing like spending time with your family during the holiday season.


In the past, my sister would always be the first one to wake me up on Christmas morning. These days, it’s a miracle if I sleep past 9. Around 9:30 my parents, sister, and I made our way to our living room to sit in our designated spots and go around in circles opening the presents we bought for one another. 


Onesies and Beauty & The Beast blankets were required.

As much as I love receiving gifts, it’s truly the giving of gifts that makes me most excited. I love to see my family’s face light up when they love a present I gave to them. It is the best gift I could receive! 


After presents we get ready for an early lunch over at my grandma’s house. We spend the day there drinking, eating, and sharing our new gifts. 

It’s the perfect way to celebrate Christmas year after year. 

Hope you and yours had a wonderful holiday. Merry Christmas! 

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