Holiday Bucket List

Happy Wednesday everyone! I can’t say it enough, the best part of being home has got to be the home cooked meals. The past month I spent the majority of my meals at Chipotle or Panera – I’m ready for some real southern home cookin’!


I kind of slacked on my meals this week, I blame it on the fact that I inhaled it so quickly. But I did snap a picture of our Monday night dinner. Baked ham, homemade cheesy potatoes, and green beans. BOMB DOT COM.


Baked ham always reminds me of Christmas time, which is convenient because the holidays are here! I’m that obnoxious person who likes to play Christmas music starting the day after Thanksgiving. It really is the most wonderful time of the year.

This year I’m so thankful that I’ll be living near my family for the holidays, so I came up with a Holiday Bucket List to complete since I’ll actually be around to complete it.


Holiday Bucket List

  • Dress Buddy up in a Santa Claus suit for Christmas
  • Christmas Pandora the day after Thanksgiving
  • Finish my Christmas shopping early


  • Black Friday shopping with my mom
  • My grandma’s homemade chicken noodle soup (YUM.)
  • Have a great New Years Eve for once
  • Hit the Christmas movie trifecta: Elf, Home Alone, and The Santa Claus


  • Be crafty (or have Pinterest help me be crafty)
  • Go to an ugly sweater party
  • Spend an ample amount of time with my family and younger cousins who still believe in the simple joys like Santa Claus


  • Hot chocolate spiked with Kahlua curled up by the firepit
  • Decorate the Christmas tree with my mom and sister
  • Go see the Christmas lights around our neighborhood in the back of a pickup truck


  • Christmas Eve candlelight service at our church
  • Yearly tradition of jumping on my sister to wake her up on Christmas morning, then run down the hall to our parents room without looking at the Christmas tree to let them know we’re up
  • A kiss under the mistletoe
  • More photos than I know what to do with …oh wait that’s impossible




In the comments:

What’s on your holiday bucket list?


  1. says

    Excellent bucket list! So many of those things are on mine, too.. I’d also add building a snowman and heading into NYC to see the tree and all the lights.

    • says

      That’s one thing I’m really going to miss about the Northeast, THE SNOW and being so close to NYC! It doesn’t really feel like Christmas in 70 degree weather sitting by the pool…

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