WIAW: Sangria & Tapas Tasting

Is it throwback Thursday? Because I’m about to do something I haven’t done in a long time.


That’s right y’all, it’s WIAW!

About two weeks ago I received an email from Tasca, a tapas restaurant in Brighton, regarding a sangria and tapas tasting they were hosting Monday night. I’d been to Tasca once before and had a great time, so I figured why not? And let’s be honest, I’m not really the kind of girl who says no to sangria tasting.


I’m going to be straight up and say Tasca exceeded my expectations. I expected 2-3 plates of different tapas and a few sample glasses of sangria. Instead we were each served a total of 10 plates of different tapas and 7 goblet sized glasses of sangria.

For $35.

I don’t know about you but I’m feeling 22 but to me that is a DEAL.

We started off the tasting with a glass of “Salamanca Seduction” – a white sangria – served with chilled tomato and cucumber soup and cold potatoes, both of which were okay. Nothing great, but definitely good enough to leave our plates clean 😉

Once finished our plates were quickly cleared and followed with “bacalao croquettes” which were mini crab-cake balls and sizzling shrimp tossed in a garlic sauce. Although we had already finished our first glass of sangria, our server at Tasca kindly gave us another glass to “sample again”. Swoon – a man after my own heart.


Next up on the menu: “Pink Peach” Sangria which was probably my favorite sangria of the night, minus the pulp. I could have lived without it. The sangria was served with a bowl of duck, chicken, and chorizo in a white bean ragout which was different, but good – however I probably wouldn’t order it again. The brie and apple chutney on the other hand? GET IN MY MOUTH.


Sweet Jesus, they nailed it. The perfectly melted cheese mixed with the apple spread paired perfectly together. My mouth is actually watering thinking about it.

MOVING ON. It was at this point I started to sink into a food coma. I looked at Kayla and said (verbatim) “If I move I think I will explode”. Tasca’s service was quick and efficient, but boy, I wished they would have given us a little more breathing room between each dish.

After I had willed myself to keep on eating (look at me, pretending like it was a difficult decision or something 😉 my love of food >>>>>) we were ready for the next round. Our next glass of sangria was the strongest, but that’s probably why it was called the “Matador Mandarin”. It delivered quite a punch. And by punch I mean I was drunk and started sending out selfie SnapChats such as these…


Guys. This round of tapas changed my life. Not to be dramatic or anything.

We started with “croquettas de pollo” which basically was buffalo chicken with vegetables and cheese… FRIED. FRIED. Holy hell I thought that was the best thing I had tasted that night. Well that was until they brought in the closer – grilled pork tacos with a fresh tomato and mango salsa.



If you go to Tasca and you only order one thing – ORDER THIS. Life. Changing. I literally took a bite, set the taco down, moaned about how I love food for 3 minutes and kissed my fingers in joy. Yum.

So at this point I am satisfied. I am full. But I can’t stop. Because up next on the menu was the “Sour Cherry” Sangria served with goat cheese empanadillas with a roasted red pepper relish.


Since the taco’s took the #1 spot, I’d say these come in a close second. If you’re looking for a great starter/appetizer, this is your dish! The red pepper relish is sweet which balances perfectly with the goat stuffed empanadilla.

Last but certainly not least was dessert! You guys know I’m not huge on sweets. I love a nice ice cream sundae every now and then, but if given the choice between chocolate or pasta – pasta wins ANYDAY. So I was pleasantly surprised with the dessert spread Tasca had to offer!


Cookies and cream ice cream with a flan and brownie topped with bananas and whipped cream served with the “Lady Godiva” sangria! And I feel like it goes without saying (but I’m going to say it anyways) this plate was cleared in a matter of seconds.

After dessert we had a glass (or two) of sangria before I actually felt like someone had to roll me back to my apartment.

Tasca, thank you for good sangria, better food and an all around awesome evening. You can bet I’ll be seeing you again!


Let’s Talk – Have you ever been to a tapas restaurant? Favorite dish? And if you had to choose: tapas or sangria? 


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    There is a chain here in DC called “La Tasca” and they have the best tapas and sangria! I love that the names are essentially the same. I would be wasted if I drank that much sangria and my stomach would be a hot mess with all the sugar haha I have learned the fruity beverages have to be cut off pretty early for me not to be a mess!

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