Nachos, Beer, and Penguins Hockey

Happy hump day! The weeks seem to go by so much slower now that I’m recovered and back to work. I guess that’s what happens when you can’t sleep in and watch Netflix all day everyday 😉 (#firstworldproblems)

Yesterday it finally got warm enough for me to do something I’ve been waiting to do since early April – I put my AC unit in my window!! It’s finally warm enough outside that I need my AC unit on during the night because I get too warm in my apartment. It’s about time.

Speaking of warm, last night I booked my flight home to Florida for Memorial Day Weekend. FOR FREE! Let me digress. About two months ago I received an online offer for a Southwest Credit Card and if you spent $2,000 within the first 3 month you’d receive 50,000 Southwest points. Yes, fifty thousand. So, as soon as I got my credit card, I booked my flight to Croatia (which was a huge chunk of change) along with some other little things on the credit card to reach that $2K mark. And it worked! Yesterday when I was looking at flights I saw my points had finally come through!

And guess what? My flight to Orlando? 14,000 points. Yup, that means I still have enough points for at least one (maybe two!) free flights. Southwest, I love you. Ready or not, Florida here I come!

Now onto the food for this week. Thanks again to Jenn for hosting this weekly get together!




Whole wheat english muffin with peanut butter and a banana. It’s been awhile since I’ve had this and it was just as good as I remember it!



Lunch looks boring, but it was so good! I had a turkey, cheese, and mayo sub with a fat free (unpictured) Jello and an apple. Simple, filling, delicious.


SO, about that meal planning…




IT’S NOT MY FAULT! The Penguins were playing, and my roommate had a rough day at work – sooo the obvious choice was to go to Miller’s Alehouse. We started with the Fiesta Nachos topped with beer (<— and by beer I mean beef, but it was too funny to change), cheese, onions, and guac. I decided to order the Cajun Chicken Pasta for dinner, but saved half for lunch today.

It was a great night, except for the fact the Penguins lost :( The series is now tied 2-2 for the Penguins v. Islanders. I want to see the Bruins/Penguins match up in the second round so PULL IT TOGETHER BOYS!

Off to the office now! We have an office meeting at 9:30 and then I plan on heading back here to clean my MESS of a room. It’s getting ridiculous. Thank goodness my mom lives thousands of miles away otherwise she would have a heart attack. And yell at me using my full name (<– that’s when you know you’re in trouble.)

Hope you guys have a great day! See you tomorrow :)


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    I’m going out on Friday night for the Rangers came and I hate myself for it. This is what happens when the Devils mess up. My father is going to disown me. OH WELL. Playoff hockey is heaven.

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      I KNOW. Since moving to the northeast I have fallen in LOVE with hockey! I feel like our dads would be friends, and could disown their daughters together. When I would go and cheer on the Bruins when they were playing anyone other than the Penguins my dad almost had a heart attack. “THEY’RE OUR COMPETITION SARA! WHAT KIND OF PENGUINS FAN ARE YOU?!” …..thanks dad.

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      I keep the messiness confined to my bedroom, but I always keep the common areas clean! I need to clean my room though, there’s no better feeling then fresh sheets and a clean floor haha (now I feel old)

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      Ahhh really!? How long were you there for? I’ll be there for two days so I want to cram in as much as possible. Any must-see/do’s??? Please share!!!

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        I would definitely walk the city wall. That was a cool experience and provided great views. In fact, if you do this first, you can check out the entire old part of the city for great looking places to eat, etc. We saw some people swimming or just hanging out on the outside of the wall relaxing and that looked fun. Get off the main path and walk through the tiny little walkways (tons of stairs) for some cute shops and places to eat. I was only in the old city part, but I loved it. Have a great time!

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