Ghosts of New Year’s Pasts

Happy New Years Eve everyone! The start of a new year always brings about a time to reflect on the past year: mistakes I’ve made, the lessons I’ve learned, and what I want to accomplish and change for the next year. New Years Eve, however, is a time to make all the mistakes one last time before your new years resolutions kick in ;)

My New Year’s Eves are always overrated. There is so much hype built up for this one night, and I always feel as though I’ve been let down. Actually, that’s an understatement. I think I have a New Years Eve curse – I can’t remember the last time I’ve had a good New Years Eve night out. Let’s take a look back at the ghosts of my new years pasts.

NYE 2008:Β I had gotten a brand new digital camera for Christmas and I couldn’t have been more excited. I was in the “take photos of everyone to post to Facebook” stage and my camera was attached to my hip. New Years was the first big event I could bring my camera out to. Unfortunately, within 30 minutes of getting to the party, I dropped my brand new camera into my drink. Bye bye camera :(


NYE 2009:Β I received a new WATERPROOF camera for Christmas and was extra careful with it throughout the night. After midnight we were all cheers-ing with our bottles of champagne celebrating the new year. I went to take a sip from the bottle directly when someone bumped the end of it sending it into my tooth, CHIPPING IT. Yes, I got a CHIPPED TOOTH on New Years. It was super attractive. It’s safe to say it put a damper on my night, but it wasn’t anything that a few jello shots and a trip to the dentist couldn’t fix.


^Pre tooth chip ;)

NYE 2010: Camera is still in tact, my tooth has been fixed I learned my lesson the year before and avoided drinking from any bottle directly (although the photo below contradicts that ;)). The night was going well until around 1:30 AM when my best friend told me my zipper to my dress was falling down. Turns out my zipper broke somehow resulting in my dress basically slowly falling off me. I grabbed my boyfriends jacket and called my parents to come pick me up. They drove all the way out to my party at 2:00 AM to pick me up. Sorry mom & dad, your’e the best!


NYE 2011:Β Last year I spent my first New Years Eve in Boston, and it was also my first New Years Eve that I was single. I didn’t realize how different New Years would be in a major city. We didn’t buy tickets to any bar, so we ended up going to a small hole in the wall across the street. It wasn’t fancy – and it wasn’t that fun, but the people I was with made it a great night! Although I didn’t break a camera or a zipper, or chip my tooth, I did have a slight (drunken) argument with one of my close friends. It was dumb, and over a boy, but it put a damper on my evening. Luckily everything was fine, and we even joked about it the next morning.


So there you have it folks, the curse of New Year’s past. I’m hoping that all my bad luck has run out and maybe this year I’ll have a little of the luck of the Irish here iwth me in Boston ;)

Hope you all have a wonderful New Years Eve! I’ll be back tomorrow with photos, stories, resolutions, and most likely a pain in the ass hangover ;) See you in 2013!

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12 responses to “Ghosts of New Year’s Pasts

  1. Aw, what fun New Years Eves you’ve had! I’ve never done anything with friends so this will be the first. Usually we have huge family parties. I’m looking forward to doing something different! I hope you get to stay in Florida a little longer ;)

    • I used to always go to my friend Richie’s house for his New Year’s party, but now it’s time to start a new tradition! :)

  2. Your pre new years resolution should be no tears and no chipped teeth!! This is going to be the first new years day in a while that I won’t wake up in my dress the next morning hahah. After two less than stellar DC NYE bashes the boy and I are taking it easy, AKA dinner out and then getting saucy together with the puppy. Perfectoooooo!!

    • I’m proud to announce no tears, no broken electronics, and no chipped teeth! I actually had a wonderful night with my best friends in Boston – I couldn’t ask for anything more! :) Hope you had a wonderful new years, sometimes low key is so much better than all the hustle and bustle of bars and clubs.

  3. Girl, you and I need to become friends immediately. I just wrote a post that is almost identical to this one!! It looks like the NYE curse has been following both of us for a few years already, and I’m really hoping that tonight will be much better! In fact, this is my first New Year’s in four years that I will be a single lady :) It’s probably a good thing that I’m staying low-key tonight with my friends and family!

    Happy New Year, dear! Hope it’s a great one :)

    • I just went and read your post – literally we’re twins! Did we just become best friends? YUP! ;) All my single ladies, all my single ladies – hope you had a wonderful New Years. It seems as thought my NYE curse was broken this year!! :)

  4. Sara!!! You poor thing. When I read this post yesterday (unfortunately unable to post since internet was being LOUSY), I couldn’t help but send you many prayers for a successful NYE!! So yeah, I hope you had a blast, and NOTHING went wrong =)

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