Livin’ Like a VIP

Hi friends! This past week in Florida was incredibly refreshing and relaxing. I came home having no set plans besides making sure I soaked up lots of sunshine time with my family and friends, and that I did! While I’m sitting here waiting to board my flight back to Boston, I figured I’d go through a quick recap of this weekend.

Thursday was simple, relaxing, and delicious 😉 Saturday, Sunday, and Monday were spent watching football, playing Trouble, and just spending time with my family. Friday, on the other hand, Friday was something special.

My mom called me Wednesday and told me that four tickets to the Magic game had landed in her lap and we would be going Friday night as a family. I couldn’t be more excited because not only do I love sports, but I had yet to go to a Magic game at the new Amway Arena! I was jumping up and down when she dropped the bomb on me… we would be sitting court side. Using her boss’s VIP tickets. And have access to the Mercedes-Benz Star Lounge.


Friday night we walked into Amway Arena an hour and a half before the game started.

Because we were “Very Important People”, we were allowed to come in early to enjoy a complimentary buffet and beverages in the Mercedes-Benz Star Lounge located right next to the Magic player’s locker room. My mom neglected to inform me that “beverages” included alcohol.


I’m not being dramatic, it was heaven on earth. Beer and wine at my beck and call. Buffet after buffet with mouthwatering roast beef, perfectly seasoned turkey, sauteed zucchini that knocked my socks off, and pasta that I had at least 3 plates of. There were several snack bars full of popcorn, candy, and make your own nachos. Did I forget to mention the fact that it was all unlimited throughout the entire game? YUP.

Directly outside of the star lounge was the Magic basketball players locker room. Right before the game started, my sister and I went out to cheer on the players as they ran to warm up.

After they ran out, we grabbed two beers each for the road (aka our walk AROUND THE COURT ON THE FLOOR) to our seats. Heaven. On. Earth.

We all went to the star lounge a little before halftime to try to see the players again (and who am I kidding, we needed more beer!) and low and behold, I got to talk to Hedo Turkoglu!! He’s not playing right now as he has a broken hand, but I shouted that I was his biggest fan and asked him to take a photo with me. He smiled and said he’d take one after halftime. And he was true to his word.

J.J. Redick gave me a high five. I still haven’t washed my left hand.

Jameer Nelson shot me the evil eye. I’ll take it.

And “Big Baby” Davis flew into the crowd, landing right in front of my mom and I!!

Friday night was, hands down, a night I will remember forever.

We’re about to start boarding, so I’m off to pack up my computer and dive into Divergent. I haven’t started it yet, but my sister finished it in two days. She’s already halfway through Insurgent and I can’t wait to get started. See you guys from Beantown!

Have you ever been to a NBA game? Who’s your favorite basketball team? What was your favorite thing you did this Thanksgiving holiday (besides eat ;))?



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