Sunshine at Sea

Hi friends, day one of the Healthy Living Summit is over, and I’m already having so much fun! I never knew how much I would enjoy a blogger conference and seeing/meeting other people with the same passion for blogging as me! But more about that later 😉

This post is going to be all over the place. It’s fine, I feel all over the place right so it’s only natural.

Random fun fact: I just saw a commercial for a new movie coming out called Premium Rush and just realized that my family and I saw it being filmed when we were in NYC two years ago. We were actually asked to be extras in a couple of the scenes. We thought it would be fun so we were agreed, that is, until we got bored and decided to keep sight-seeing instead of walking back and forth across a pedestrian crosswalk for an hour 😉

Okay, enough rambling. Time to get down to business (anyone else think of Mulan when someone says let’s get down to business? Anyone? Just me? Okay, cool.).

In case you missed it, on my cruise we hit up Freeport, Nassau, and Half Moon Cay. Our last and final day on the boat was spent sailing back to Port Canaveral.

That morning we woke up to my mom coming into our room demanding to know how my sister, Natalie and I spent $150 combined while out the night before. Apparently we went a little “shot happy” and rang up quite the bar tab, oooooops!

We were informed that after our previous evenings shenanigans, we were cut off. Hey, it was nice while it lasted.

Out last day was spent riding water slides, playing mini golf with my dad and laying out by the pool. It was a great day to detox (especially after raking up that bar tab ;)) and relax with my family & friends.

Later that night we had our very last dinner on the ship where I decided I was a fatty to splurge and get both the lobster and filet. YOLO, right? 😉 And every bite was worth it.

Oh, and remember when I said we were cut off? That lasted about three hours. Then my mom decided she wanted a drinking partner, and we were allowed to charge our alcohol to the room once again. The perks of family vacations = mom + dad foot the bill 😉

Instead of dessert, we finished dinner with a round of martinis. From left to right we have the tiramisu, cosmopolitan, blue hawaiin, pomegranate, and apple martini. We all took a sip of each others, and by the time I was finished I could feel my head spinning. You don’t mess around with martini’s, those babies can be deadly!

We spent the night dancing and drinking, and before I knew it the cruise was over. It was the best family vacation I’d ever been on, but I was happy to be back home. My sister informed me as soon as we docked that we would be celebrating her birthday (as if we hadn’t celebrated enough already) with all of her friends from home. Woop-di-do. 

BUT that’s a story for another time. Right now I’m off to the Healthy Living Summit. I skipped the morning breakfast and CrossFit workout because I may or may not have had one drinks too many last night.

And I may or may not have been still a little tipsy this morning.

Instead I decided to recover in bed and watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians on Netflix before I head to a few panels this afternoon. I’ll be live tweeting so follow along if you couldn’t make it yourself! Enjoy your Saturday!

How are you spending your Saturday?


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    LOVE the picture of the martinis, it’s beautiful! (booze-tiful?)

    I had a mom+dad footed bill Saturday yesterday, LOTS of fun and a leeeeeeeeeeetle hangover this morning. Luckily, the hangover was a family affair, as all the best ones are.


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