And We’re Off!

…and by “we” I mean they. And by they I mean some of my favorite bloggers from across the country! They’re on their way here to Boston for this year’s Healthy Living Summit! I’m so excited to meet some of my favorite bloggers that I’ve been following for over a year, as well as meet and discover new blogs! I’ve only been to one blogger meetup and I’ve never gone to a blogging conference, so to say I’m nervous is an understatement.

BUT I’ll just do what I do in every sort of awkward situation. Crack jokes, dance around to the beat in my head, and then drink copious amounts of alcohol at the cocktail party tonight.


Sort of. 😉

I’m glad you all enjoyed the Nassau recap and my What I (Didn’t) Eat Wednesday :) The next stop on our cruise was Carnival’s private island Half Moon Cay!

This was easily my favorite day out of the entire trip, and the most beautiful.

After taking a ferry over to the island, we immediately claimed a group of chairs to lay out on. That lasted about 30 seconds before we realized we wouldn’t be using the chairs as anything more than a storage space for our bags. Why lay out by the water when you can lay out in the water?

^^Anyone else see my mom’s best friend, Sue, actually laying out in the water? We were dying! She would lay like that for about 30 minutes, that is, until her husband poured beer on her face. That woke her right up! 😉

We spent the day splashing around in the water, ordering buckets of beer, and even snapped a photo with a guy who was dressed head to toe in a tuxedo walking in the water with a tray full of champagne. I initially thought it was real champagne, but was sadly mistaken when it was strictly for the photo op. Oh well, the beers would have to do! 😉

Lunch was provided on the island (complimentary) and I snacked on fresh fruit, jerked chicken, and wild rice. It was delicious and refreshing (especially the watermelon!). After lunch we were back in the water for the rest of the day!

The view doesn’t get much better than this.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and around 4 it was time to head back to the ship. I didn’t want to leave, but hey, I couldn’t stay there forever (no matter how much I wanted to).

It was a great day, and an even better way to end our time in the Bahamas. The last two days on the boat were spent at sea, and although we had a blast, nothing beats that view^^.

I’m off to finish work before heading to a “mini-mingle” with Katelyn and Clare before HLS kicks off tonight. If anyone in the Boston area wants to meet up with us, shoot me a tweet and I’ll keep an eye out for ya! If you’re going to HLS, see you tonight! If not, see you tomorrow :) Have a happy Friday!!



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