Strength Training & a Surprise!

Hello friends, boy do I have some exciting news for you today! You know it’s going to be a good day when you wake up before your alarm goes off and look out your window to see blue skies with no clouds in SIGHT! Think I can get away with going to the beach for the day? 😉

Last night my roommate and I hit the gym for an upper body workout. He was working on his shoulders and I was focused on my arms and back. Well, I got bored. Shocker. So I decided to switch up my preplanned workout for something a little more interesting…

At my previous personal training session, Jamal taught me a little about strength training. He would have me do 15 reps of my usual weight on the machines, and then increase the weight to my absolute max lifting ability and do 15 reps (or as many as I could get through) and then decrease the weight to below my norm and have me do 25 to 30 reps. The weight change really kept things interesting during a somewhat monotonous exercise!

Workout 6/18/12: Abs, Arms, & Back

  • Treadmill Incline Warmup Walk for 10 minutes
  • Chest Press Strength Training – 3 reps of 45, 60, 30
  • Row Strength Training – 3 reps of 60, 75, 45
  • Leg Raises – 50 reps
  • Bicycle Crunches – 50 reps
  • Plank – 1 minute
  • Medicine Ball Twists – 40 reps
  • Tricep dips
  • Pull Ups
  • Burpees – 2 sets of 10
  • Leg Extensions – 3 reps of 65, 80, 50
  • Leg Curls – 3 reps of 50, 65, 35
  • Bike Cool Down – 2 miles

By the end of my workout, I felt great! But this morning I was a little sore so I did some morning stretches to loosen up my body. And by morning stretches I mean I used that as an excuse to stay in bed until 8:30, read blogs, and smile back at my breakfast.

Hey good lookin’ 😉

Oh it also let me watch the last 10 minutes of The Bachelorette since SOMEONE (cough cough MOM cough cough) so rudely called during the most important part of the 2 hour episode… the rose ceremony!


So, let’s talk The Bachelorette. Most of you could tell from my obnoxious tweets Twitter that I spent 50% of the episode drooling over Sean

And the other 50% praying that Emily would finally give Ryan the boot.

Thankfully she sent him home. I’ve thrown my remote on one too many occasions already, I’m not sure how it would handle being thrown into a wall again…

Now onto the important stuff….

I have exciting news.


Are you?

**P.S. Speaking of Boston, the Best of Boston page was updated! Take a look at some of my favorite things to do in the city and get excited for HLS 2012!!


  1. says

    I have been thinking about going to the HLS, but I’m nervous because I’m clearly a blogging newbie. Maybe I should just take the plunge?!

    • says

      Ummm DO IT! I feel the exact same way. My blog isn’t a HUGE blog and it’s not like I have thousands of daily readers, but I’m excited to go and meet new people and match up the faces to the blogs I’ve spent years reading. I hope you decide to come, you’ll know at least one other blogging newbie! :)

  2. says

    HA. I really wish that I had decided to go to HLS because a lot of my favorite bloggers (like you!) are going…sadly, I will be really preparing for my internship that weekend so can’t. Why is your life so awesome? That is all.

    • says

      There’s still tiiiiime!! Come come come. I’m nervous because I’m not one of those “bigger bloggers” and I could use a fellow avicii/glowstick/rave loving friend! :)

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