Through the Years: Freshman Fundamentals

Hello my loves! I’m back from Tallahassee, and I’m finishing up my last week of work before I move to Rhode Island. Ahhhhh!!

This past weekend my best friend Kim and I went to Tallahassee to visit friend’s and catch a football game. It was amazing to feel completely back at home (and missed!). While I was in Tally I saw my old friends who will now be seniors (!!) and met new freshman who are starting college for the first time. I couldn’t believe it had been four years since I was in their shoes!

Thursday + Friday

I picked up Kim from the airport Thursday night and we immediately hit the road to Tally. Although we didn’t get in til close to 10:30 PM, we immediately changed our clothes and were off! It was our friend’s waltz, so we wanted to surprise everyone at the pregame. We had told all our friends that I had work Friday, so no one knew we were coming up a day early. Everyone’s expression when we knocked on the door and walked in was priceless. It was such a great feeling having all of my sorority sisters scream, run up and hug us and let me know that they were happy to see us. Kim & I felt like celebrities 😀

Friday morning we woke up and went to one of our favorite restaurants, Po’Boys, for some fried pickles and well, Po’boys! :) When we came back to the house we quickly got ready for a Tallahassee classic: happy hour @ Potbelly’s!

After happy hour, we were starving! We weren’t in any state to drive anywhere so after walking back to the house we ordered Gumby’s Pokey Stix and waited for Crippen and Lisa to get into town! As soon as they got into Tally, Crippen asked me to help her grab something heavy out of her car. I went outside with her, turned the corner, and saw Stephanie!!!!!!! She had driven down to Tallahassee from Alabama to surprise me!!!! 😀 I was so happy I started crying right there!

I didn’t think it was possible, but my sister had made my already amazing weekend even better 😀


GAMEDAY! I don’t think I’ll ever get over the atmosphere of a college campus on gameday. It’s unbelievable. We woke up a little later than we wanted, but quickly got ready for the tailgate. I love college football 😀

After the game, my friends somehow convinced me it’d be a good idea to go out. One of our friends was bartending at the Strip so we went to The Pub, Lower Lounge, and Floyd’s, drank our free liquor pitchers (thanks Mimi! :)), and danced our little booties off!

Before I knew it, Sunday had rolled around and it was time to head back to Orlando. It’s safe to say I was sad to leave :(

Going back to visit my alma mater caused me to think about my four years at Florida State. I can easily say they were the best years of my life. I made friends who I will never forget and I really learned who I was as a person. With so many of you going back to college, and some ofyou starting for the first time, I decided to begin a little mini-series full of my advice, thoughts, and experiences from my four years in college.

Up first is freshman year.

**Warning: freshman year photos below. Prepare to laugh at my expense. 😉 

Freshman year house parties ;)

Starting freshman year I was an 18 year old high school graduate dying to get out of my house. The experiences I went through this year were fun, but tough at times. I grew stronger and more independent as a person, and started down the path that I was meant to take.

  • Lesson #1: Sorority recruitment sucks. I left for school a week earlier than most students in order to participate in sorority recruitment. I had known I wanted to be a member of a sorority for months. It looked like an amazing way to meet people, full of fun times, and would offer you a home away from home. It turns out, things don’t always go the way you plan. I ended up getting dropped from the sorority I was dead set on, so inevitably I dropped out of recruitment. I was crushed and cried for days. I had some great houses left, but I was set on that one house. I thought I would never have as much fun not being in a sorority. (FYI: I was wrong :))
  • Lesson #2: You will fight with your roommate. It’s inevitable. Luckily, as far as roommates go, my roomie and I got along great 99% of the time. We always communicated how we felt and we grew into best friends. We had one big, screaming blow out fight, but by talking it out calmly the next day we resolved our issues. Always try to talk it out, it’s the easiest way to resolve things.

  • Lesson #3: Fake ID’s in college are as common as popcorn at the movies. We’ve all been there. If you do decide to use a fake ID, make sure you know the spelling of your first and last name, the address, and “your hometown” zipcode. Saying “somewhere in Vero Beach” is not a good enough answer when it comes to bouncers grilling you. Also, BE CAREFUL. The written arrest on your record isn’t worth the three hours of drinks.
  • Lesson #4: Tailgating is fun, being drunk at football games is not. Don’t be THAT GIRL at football games. Drinking is fun, but in moderation. I remember that at my first football game I spent the entire second quarter in the bathroom because I felt sick. I would rather be in the stands watching the game, not passed out in the middle of them.
  • Lesson #5: Be careful at frat parties. Frat parties are designed to be fun, but watch how much you drink and watch how much the “bartender” puts in your drink. My first frat party was a fun one, I had two mixed drinks and cut myself off. I thought I would be fine, after all two drinks really isn’t enough to get me completely wasted. An hour later I was throwing up in front of my boyfriends apartment complex. It’s safe to say that was the last time I let someone else make my drink at a frat party.

Danielle, me, and Chelsea (roomies!)

  • Lesson #6: It’s okay to change your major. It’s okay if you don’t know what you want to do with your life. I still don’t know! If you decide your major isn’t right for you, change it! Study something you love, the rest will fall into place :)

What are some of the lessons you’ve learned from your freshman year of college?

If you didn’t go to college, what has changed since you were 18?



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      AHHHHHHHHHHH!!! You don’t know how excited this makes me! I would be happy to tell you everything wonderful/amazing/fantastic about FSU!! :) :) :) I have to email you ASAP!! The parties, the boys, the atmosphere, the people, the professors, the classes, the campus, EVERYTHING is amazing. Best four years of my life EASILY.

  1. says

    Awww I love this!

    While I’m a sophomore and not in a sorority, I can still relate to the gameday atmosphere and discovering more about yourself part! It’s always fun to read about people reminiscing about college.

    Freshman year I had to learn how to not depend SO much on my family. When you’re sick and in college, your parents can’t take care of you…which is a little hard to get used to if they were the one taking care of you for 18 years!

    You should do a post for each year!!

    • says

      I plan on turning this into a little mini series! :) It’s alot of fun reflecting on each of my four years in college and what I’ve learned from it! And I completely agree with what you said about not depending on your family. It was tough for me at first to realize my mom can’t just come take care of me if I got sick, but I really grew into a stronger person by being on my own :)

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    My childhood best friend goes to FSU! Though my college didn’t have sororities, i agree with the rest of your lessons! I actually ended up not getting along with most of my roommates- I’m sure I contributed to part of it, but for the most part I lived with very dominant people; some with strange strange habits (like vibrator testing to get free vibrators…no joke)- but if there is one thing I’ve learned for myself it’s not to live with my good friends.
    Other college lessons:
    -Eat before you drink. Always. Never drink on an empty stomach; it never ends well
    -People are not as scary/intimidating as they seem; you have to get out there- approach people, break the ice and who knows who you’ll end up being friends with :)
    -Don’t isolate yourself
    -Study in the library; you’ll be more productive AND meet some cool people

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      I agree with the idea that you should never live with your best friends. My freshman roommate Chelsea and I were acquaintances in high school, but we weren’t BEST friends. We hung out and went out together and had fun so we decided to try living with each other. It worked out for the best because we turned into best friends.

      I love your other tips too! ALWAYS EAT before drinking (I learned the hard way how that turns out…). Be friendly and introduce yourself, people always love making new friends!

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    Thanks for your thoughts on freshman year! I went through much of the same stuff, including the sorority recruitment struggles. Such a bad time =/

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    I learned not to room with someone you are friends with, it’s easier when you don’t know the person then they cannot get so comfortable that they use all your stuff:)


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