The Question Is… Where To Next?

Today my mom forwarded me an email. Thinking it was one of those “how to drop 10 pounds in 10 days” kind of articles I ignored it (she’s a sucker for those get fit quick diets) 😉 The morning started to drag on, so I decided to clean out my Inbox. I finally stumbled upon my mom’s email and decided to see what she had sent me this week.

I scrolled to the bottom and saw that instead it was a forwarded email conversation between my parents.

To: Kurt

From: Linda

Call me when you get a minute, we have to sign those papers for the contractor! Love you


To: Linda

From: Kurt

No problem! Email them over. Have a great day!


To: Kurt

From: Linda

Subject: Shoup Proposal

Here’s the proposal!


To: Linda

From: Kurt

Subject: Shoup Proposal

I DO, I DO, I DO!!!!!!!!!!!


Get it??

Marry me?

It took me a minute  to realize my dad was accepting my mom’s “proposal” 😉 Aren’t my parents the cutest??

Sorting through my emails, I found a few from my two best friends Kim and Crippen. I spent the rest of the day emailing with the two of them. It’s so hard to stay in touch sometimes because we’re all busy with our own jobs, and not to mention we live hundreds of miles apart.

One way we’ve managed to deal with the distance is always plan the next time we’re going to see each other. I’ve never said goodbye to either one of them without planning ahead of time when we’ll see each other again. I can’t wait until Labor Day Weekend when the three of us are going to FSU for the first football game!! :) It’s going to be an AWESOME weekend.

But recently I’ve realized that after this get together, I won’t know when I’ll see either of them again. Two weeks after our reunion weekend I’m leaving for Rhode Island, and then I’m off to anywhere in the U.S. It’s kind of scary.

I brought this sore subject up in our email chat today, and we all three decided to make a pact. Since we’re all busy with our lives, we’ll make it a point to get together at least once a year, regardless where we all live. That was the easy part, the hard part was deciding where we should go 😉

I’ve already visited Kim at her hometown in Maryland…

And Kim and Crippen have already visited me in Orlando.

We’ve cruised around the Caribbean…


We’re stumbled along Bourbon Street together….

And have taken over VEGAS baby!!

We’ve traveled across Europe and seen some of the most beautiful sights the world has to offer…

So the REAL question is, where to next?? :)

Have a great Wednesday! Don’t forget to enter my GIVEAWAY for a chance to win Mama Pea’s book “Peas and Thank You”!!!! :)

How do you manage to stay in touch with friends who live far away?


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    That’s such a cute e-mail set! Absolutely adorable!
    As someone who’s lived between three continents I have friends ALL OVER the world, meaning most of my best friends are from other countries so it’s no easy feat to see them. I have to say most of my keeping in touch is done through Facebook and Blackberry Messenger, but I do travel with a lot of my friends or make it a point to visit with them 😉 In fact my high school best friend and I are leaving for Europe in a few days for a couple of weeks :)

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    I’m not good at keeping in-touch with distance friends, but it seems I need to take some pointers from you! Oh, and my mom sends me those crazy emails too. ha

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    I love all the pictures with you and your friends – it looks like you guys always have a good time :) My two best friends live in Richmond, which is only 2 hours away, but it’s far enough that we can’t have dinner on a random Wednesday. So we plan best friend weekends – they’re always filled with alcohol, junk food and LOTS of laughing :)

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    It IS really hard. Facebook helps. :p

    Two of my best friends live in STL together. We saw more of each other this year bc one got married, but usually, we just call randomly every other week or so and try to get together at least 3 times a year or so… it’s hard, but worth it!

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    my friends and i do the same thing!! once a year we meet up. Usually it’s in Vegas because we’re suckers for a good party. But my vote is San Francisco! Well I live here so duh, but seriously it’s a beautiful city, so much to do, great food, night life, and sights!

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