The Best That Never Was

Yesterday was one of those days. Everything just seemed to go wrong. I was having an off-day. Paul and I got into a fight, my sister and I argued, my parents and I bickered. I was just a grump and seemed to be on the wrong foot with everyone.  It wasn’t a good day.

I decided to call it a night around 8pm. I was over it. I poured myself a glass of wine, put on Grey’s Anatomy, and curled up with my computer and Cole. It’s true what they say you know. There’s nothing that a good glass of wine can’t fix 😉

Earlier in the evening I was watching ESPN’s 30 for 30. In case you’ve never watched a 30 for 30, they’re documentaries made on a range of different topics. Last night I was watching a 30 for 30 on Marcus Dupree: “The Best That Never Was”. Marcus was a legend. He was said to be one of the greatest football players of all time. But, because of an unfortunate turn of events, nothing came of his amazing talent. Possibly the greatest running back in college football history’s career ended before it even started.

It really had me thinking. After watching it, and hearing about Julie’s amazing news (Congrats!), I couldn’t help but think about how important it is to follow your heart. Life is short. It goes by in a blink of an eye. You never know what opportunity could be waiting around the corner for you, and you never know when something could happen to snatch your dreams away in the blink of an eye.

Marcus had everything going for him. He was said to be as great as the professional players, and was predicted to be a huge star. Because of some bad advice and an injury, he’s now a truck driver. Someone with all the potential in the world took one hard hit, and his dreams disappeared.

It’s made me appreciate each and every day more. I’ve always been spontaneous, but now I truly understand the importance of living each day as if it’s your last. With my trip to Europe only one short week away, I couldn’t be more excited. I’ve wanted to go to Europe since I was in middle school. Traveling abroad was always a dream, and never a reality. After a lot of planning, I decided to take a leap of faith. I chose to spend the money I’ve spent years saving to follow my heart and take this three week experience of a lifetime. I realized I may have to use my savings to afford this trip, but it was time to stop living with regrets and take a chance.

It paid off.

About a week ago I received a call from my company that I will be working for in September. They offered me the opportunity to start working early in July at a local office to earn some extra money and experience before I begin training in September. I was so excited, I immediately accepted. Not only will I receive the extra experience, but I’ll also be able to earn back the money I used to take a chance and go to Europe with. Now I won’t have to dip into my savings. I won’t have to cash in my bonds. I won’t have to worry about finances. It’s all going to be okay.

I decided to take a leap of faith. I decided to follow my heart, and live my life to the fullest. If you have the opportunity to follow your dreams, do it. You’ll regret the “what if’s” in your life more than the “oh well’s”. I’d rather make a mistake following my heart than regret the fact that I let the opportunity pass me by. After years of schooling, and dreaming about this day, I couldn’t be more excited that one of my dreams will be coming true in one short week 😀

Passport... CHECK! :D

I don’t ever want to be known as “The Best That Never Was”, I want to be the best I could have been. And I plan on doing exactly that :)


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    Congrats girl! Life is about taking leaps of faith! Hooray for extra money now for the trip to europe!!

    Oh and wine is the best thing ever ; )

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    Sorry you had an off day- those are always a bit frustrating! Congrats on your early work date- it does pay to live life as a daring adventure:)

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    Good for you!!!! That is one great attitude to have…and BECAUSE you followed your heart that issue that was worrying you (savings) was resolved AND it opens more doors for you to start work early! When we follow our heart and follow our passion, everything will be taken care of for us! You should read “The Alchemist” it is my go to book when I am doubting myself! I have it on audio to listen to while running- it helps me get the head clear and the doubts pushed aside! I also had a bad day yesterday and was very glad to 1) not over eat and binge eat, 2) have a moment to get my head clear and just rest so the stress would go away and 3) know that I am doing the best thing for myself by allowing myself to feel the negative with the good and just know that I can overcome the negative! Excellent post!!

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    What an awesome message! You’re lucky that you’re taking the time to do these things before all the pressures of adulthood completely catch up with you. Can’t wait to hear ALL about your trip when you get back.

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    Wow, the story of Marcus just chilled me. One can say that life is about making a series of decisions…and these decisions are the ones carving a path in your life. So glad you followed this inspiration and congratulations!! A new door has been opened for you! :-)

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    Hi Sara!! I’m new to your blog but wanted to say CONGRATS and that I think you wrote it perfectly: live your life with no regrets and live it to the fullest!! I think you taking that leap of faith was the best thing in the world and you will have a trip of a lifetime! Especially for a big foodie…you’ll be in heaven! So best wishes to you, safe and happy travels, and I’ll be looking forward to reading all about it! hehe…oh but make sure to get that jerseyshore issue squared away before you leave…stuff will be wayyy too good to miss! 😉

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