Dealing with the Grumpies

If anyone knows where the title of my post came from, I’ll give you a virtual cupcake (and a hug!) Hahahaha :)

As some of you may already know from Twitter, the other day I received my first negative/hateful comment. As a blogger, I know that there’s a huge difference between a completely constructive comment, or a comment that shares their disagreement over an opinion you may hold, and a comment that was written to be hateful. For me, to insult myself, my blog, my family and friends, and my life crosses the line. So I deleted it.

It’s easy to hide behind a computer screen and say hurtful things. It’s easy to mock someone you know nothing about. And it’s easy to insult someone when it’s not done face to face. But whoever wrote that comment should also know that just because it’s written over a computer, doesn’t make it hurt any less. Maybe you should take a note out of my Speak Now post, because words have a huge affect on every person’s life. “Words have the ability to make or break someone. Use your words for good.  

I had read comments on other blogs and have known how mean people can be, but it’s a completely different situation when they bring it to your own blog. Each and every one of us has opened ourselves up wholeheartedly and shared our lives for the entire world to see. Blogging takes bravery. To try to crush a blogger’s spirits by writing something purely hateful is just mean.

One good thing that did come out of this comment is I realized I have thicker skin. As mean as the words were, I know I’m not the things they said. I know who I am as a person, and I know better than to let “Anonymous” get to me. I realized I have an amazing community behind me who will stand up for me when the times get tough, and the commenters get mean :) I also realized that I can make an improvement to my blog (so hey, it kind of was constructive!).

I want to clear up any misconceptions people may have about The Foodie Diaries. Although my blog is about food, I am not by any means pretending that I’m a health nut. I’m not. Many of the blogs I enjoy reading the most are healthy living/vegan/etc., but this does not mean that I choose to live my life that way, nor does my blog necessarily take the same stance. Instead of “healthy living” I think of myself as living with a healthy balance. I eat foods that are NOT considered healthy, but I do so in moderation. I love healthy recipes, I love fattening recipes, I love recipes that will possibly make your arteries get clogged (okay, maybe too far 😉 ). The point is, I love food. ALL foods! And my blog is here to express that. This is where I share all the recipes I try and perfect, and they’re not always going to be liked by everyone, and they’re not always going to be healthy. But they’re my foodies and I love ’em :)

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, I’m off to enjoy a relaxing day by the pool with my mommy and plan on falling into a good book. Have a wonderful Sunday, and don’t forget less than three weeks til Europe!!! 😀 If you  have any more suggestions, don’t forget to shoot me an email or leave a comment!! Love you guys!


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    Sorry you got a bummer comment – people can be pretty judgmental :/

    Hope you’re getting so excited for your trip, I’m sure it’s going to be baller!

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    Sorry about the negative comment. We all get them every once in a while. You know what though? I know I’ve gotten them before but I just delete them. Now I don’t even remember what they were about because the good ones outweigh the bad!

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    I haven’t had a negative comment on my blog yet but when it does happen I probably won’t handle it well. I don’t take “constructive criticism” very well in real life lol. I’m glad you deleted it! I love your blog and your amazing for staying true to yourself:)

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    Boo to the mean comment : p but girl, u know whom you are, and that’s all that matters, don’t worry about random mean comments from peeps you don’t know, I get them too, just ignore, u do not have to prove yourself to anyone ; ) love ya!

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    i LOVE ur attitude!! i totallly agree with u when u say how its different when YOU get one as opposed to when others do! it rly hit me when i got my first but now i just laugh at them!

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    That sucks about the comment :( But way to keep up a positive attitude! Overall, I thing the blogging community is WONDERFUL and its sad that some people try to ruin that. But keep up the awesome blog and the awesome attitude :)

    Hope you’re having a great Monday!

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    you go girl! anonymous has got nothing over you :) i dont think you need to change a thing about your blog :)

    i wish i could give you some tips about your upcoming Europe trip..but…that would mean that i’ve actually been somewhere that amazing..and i havent! i’m sure you’ll be good to go. i cannnot wait to see your pictures and read about your trip.. i’ll just live vicariously through you ! hope you have a blast 😉

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    Ugh so lame about the mean comment. Sometimes I wonder what gets into people that makes them think that type of behavior is necessary.

    Anyway, keep doing what you’re doing – I (and lots of others!!) think you’re awesome!

    Annnnnd I can’t wait for you to go on your trip!

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    Boo to the negative comment! I haven’t got one yet, but I’m sure my time is coming. Hopefully my skin will be nice and thick too 😉

    As for Europe, I went to Italy for 2 weeks last year in Feb and had to cycle through my clothes…keep in mind that it will be quite toasty most of the places you are going so tanks, sun dresses, and shorts will be the easiest and lightest items to pack. Bring accessories like a belt (or even a cardi) to change up your outfit.
    Have fun!

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    I’m so sorry about the negative comment, people can be so rude : ( Don’t worry about the haters, I love your blog as does many other bloggers :) Love you!!

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