Photo Friday {21}


Between  Caitlin’s wedding Saturday, flying back to Orlando Monday, and a 4 day work week on Tuesday, life has been fun, but hectic! The week before and a vacation is always busy at my office, especially since you’re responsible for your own files. While you can get away a enjoy a mini vacation, it’s hell right up into… 

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Caitlin & Jake


Seven bridesmaids dressed in yellow and one gorgeous bride in white stood under an oak tree overlooking the Ohio valley. For miles and miles, you could see the rolling hills covered in lush green grass. It was one of the most beautiful locations you could ask for. But, it wouldn’t be a wedding without a few hiccups… 

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Weekly Reads Wednesday {2}


Hello friends! After a two month break, I come back guns blazing. I guess I was just waiting for something to inspire me. There’s been a lot going on over in these parts, and I can’t wait to catch you up on everything in due time. This summer is going to be a huge one for me, and… 

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When Baltimore Burns


About 3 months ago I sat and weighed the pros and cons of moving to Baltimore. A promotion opened up in our Maryland office, and I was ready for a challenge and a change. Despite my dad’s concerns, I started to research the city, the best areas for young professions to live, and apartments in the… 

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Photo Friday {20}


Happy Friday everyone! Despite the fact that I have about a mountain of work in store for me today and there’s a high probability I’m going to have to work this weekend, I’m in a surprisingly good mood. I have no set plans for this weekend besides (hopefully) having two blissful days away from the office. Here’s… 

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