Beat Clemson


So, yesterday I seemed to piss some people off. Who knew that my tiny little corner of the internet world would spread like wildfire across social media. After 5,000 views in 3 hours, cruel Facebook statuses made about me, my body (real classy guys), my “dumbass-ness” (is that even a real word?), and more hateful blog comments… 

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Dear Jameis Winston


Hey Jameis, You may not know me, but I know you. You’re the 6 foot 4 red shirt sophomore quarterback of the Florida State football team. You’re the second freshman and youngest player ever to receive the Heisman trophy and led the Florida State Seminoles to a National Championship victory for the first time since 1999…. 

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Best of Summer {2014}


Hello from Interstate 75! I’m Florida State bound for a week of work which will be followed by a weekend of shenanigans. Is it Friday yet? It’s hard to believe that another  summer has come and gone, and fall is creeping right around the corner. It amazes me how quickly time has been flying by. Wasn’t it just… 

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I Love This Country


Land of the free, home of the brave. Those words have never so much as they do today. It’s hard to look back and realize that 13 years have passed since that terrible day. How much has changed both in our day to day lives and throughout the entire world. It’s hard to believe that… 

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Mr. & Mrs.


Growing up, I used to laugh at my mom for crying at weddings. I would get all uncomfortable because I have no idea how to act around people who cry. Plus, it was a happy occasion, something to be celebrated. I just didn’t understand what the tears were all about. My mom would explain that she… 

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The Ultimate Bachelor/Bachelorette Drinking Game


For the past six months, my Mondays have consisted of watching other people fall in love. I spend hours watching romantic, yet unrealistic dates that consist of traveling to Thailand or helicopter rides over mountain ranges at sunset, and I pity my much more pathetic (and basically nonexistent) love life. I realized that in order to… 

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Wanderlust Bucket List – 10 Countries, 5 Years


It’s been exactly 400 days since I last left the country. 400 days since I last needed my passport to travel somewhere outside the US of A. 400 days since I landed in a country where I didn’t speak the language, didn’t know where I was going, and couldn’t wait to immerse myself into the culture…. 

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I used to love doing “Day In The Life” posts, but when I started snapping pictures every hour yesterday I realized every single one of them was the same. Sitting at my desk. Still sitting at my desk. Grabbing a glass water and then heading back to my desk. Oh, it’s noon so time to send the… 

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