Why I’m Sick Of “Healthy Living” Blogs

Let’s go back to the beginning. I started this blog a little over four years ago. I was about to enter my senior year of college and wanted to remember every moment of it. What better way to do that then to make a bucket list with my friends and document completing it? Unfortunately, a large majority of the bucket list included doing something embarrassing, illegal, or made me sound like a borderline alcoholic.

Over the years, my blog has been many things. A bucket list that documented my senior year, a food journal to document my weight loss and workouts, and now a sarcastic little corner of the internet where I write about the things I love: travel and twenty-something life.

Back in college, I would read Healthy Living blogs daily. As I’ve grown as a blogger, I realized that the blogs I used to read religiously no longer hold any appeal to me. In fact, I find myself deleting them from my reader daily. Some of them I’ve grown out of, some of them I find to be dull and boring, some of them I have a hard time finding a post with actual content (as opposed to sponsored content), and some are just downright disordered.


When I say I’m sick of healthy living blogs, I want to be clear that I’m talking to the disordered bloggers taking advantage of their readership. I’m talking to the bloggers who claim to portray a healthy lifestyle, yet have no idea what the term “healthy balance” truly means. The bloggers who I have yet to see eat a bowl of spaghetti for dinner instead of spaghetti squash (gasp!) or actually drink a 6 pack of beer rather than taking a picture of it.

I’m talking to the “healthy living” bloggers who have an obsession with food and fitness to the point where it’s unhealthy, if not downright dangerous. I’m talking to the bloggers who have turned their passion into a job, and choosing to produce posts in quantity over quality. The ones where I can hardly drag myself through their 300 words on why they chose to eat eggs instead of a smoothie for breakfast. The ones who make me blurt out loud: why the fuck am I reading this?

I’m talking to the “healthy living” bloggers who claim they are recovered, but still restrict their intake and continue to be enabled by their readers. The ones who actually made me feel bad about myself for having eggs WITH THE YOLK for breakfast. I’m talking to the bloggers who put a pit in my stomach after I finish reading yet another disordered WIAW post. I’m talking to the “healthy living” bloggers that have no idea that they’re still sick, and have no regard for the fact that they’re influencing others in a negative way. The ones that use their platform to preach disordered habits which inevitably hurt others.

I’m sick of it. 

Who are they to decide what is healthy when they clearly can’t even manage a healthy balance for themselves?


To me, healthy is not obsessing over calorie intake or calories burned. It’s mindlessly eating without worrying what you’re putting in your mouth. Healthy is ordering that extra glass of wine and shoving those cheesy fries in your mouth because, DAMN, they taste good.

Healthy is skipping the gym. Not because you “need a rest day” one day a week otherwise your readers will start calling you out in comments, but because you would rather lay in bed and watch Season 2 of Orange is the New Black instead of dragging your ass to the elliptical.

Healthy living is pushing yourself to run a mile, not because you want to lose weight or burn off calories from earlier that day, but because you want to be healthy. Your body is a temple and you want to treat it that way.


Healthy is Diet Coke and McDonalds breakfast sandwiches because MY GOD that shit is good.

Healthy living is not needing justification from others. You don’t need to take selfies at the gym, or shirtless photos of your abs. You don’t have to Instagram every photo of your meal to prove that you had dessert. You already know you have a healthy balance – you don’t have to justify it to others.

Healthy is being happy in your own skin.


Healthy living is accepting the parts that you may not love about yourself. Healthy is not letting what you don’t love about yourself affect your life, it’s embracing it and knowing that your worth is not what’s on the outside, but what’s on the inside.

Let’s chat – I want to hear your thoughts on “healthy living”. What does it mean to you? 

Photo Friday {16}

Whoa. It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve had a spare second to put together a Photo Friday post. I could blame it on being busy, which would be true, but in actuality I just haven’t really had too many photos to share!

Last Friday I took a half day from work to drive down to Fort Lauderdale for my friend Kelsey’s 25th. It just so happened that my sister would be down there for our close friend’s bachelorette party as well. Instead of dividing and conquering, we decided to combine forces. Friday night, Lauren, Kelsey, and I went to a strip of bars “on the other side of the tracks” (as Kelsey says) to celebrate with the bride to be. It was a night full of drinking, dancing, and, most importantly, getting free shots from bachelors.

The next morning I woke up on a couch spooning with our friend Mary, as three (yes, three) air mattresses laid open for the taking. After stumbling my way over and plopping down next to Lauren (who was smart enough to sleep on an air mattress) we spent the next hour feeding each other Angry Orchard cider.

There was a 100% chance we were still drunk.

As much as I wanted to continue to sleep, I had to get ready for Kelsey’s birthday drunk brunch. We drove to Big City Tavern in Fort Lauderdale which is an upscale restaurant featuring $12 bottomless mimosas during brunch. Uhhhh, count me IN. Well, until I fell asleep at the table.

Thanks a lot, Fireball.

After a few hours of napping off my hangover, I was ready for another night of debauchery. Kelsey had orchestrated a bar crawl along Las Olas Blvd, so I knew I had to mentally prepare for a night of loud music, tequila shots, and screaming girls. Oy. I knew there wasn’t a chance in hell of me making it without eating dinner, so while everyone was downing Patron shots, I was downing spaghetti and meatballs with a side of garlic bread.

I’m not even sorry.

Unfortunately, all that really did was make me want to crawl into my pajamas, grab a tub of ice cream and watch 3 hours of Criminal Minds. So after sticking it out for another hour, I went home early to get some rest and relaxation only to be followed shortly after by both Lauren and Kelsey.

Happy 25th Kelsey! 

It was a great weekend with my high school best friends and I was so glad we could still find the time to get together and still have as much fun as we did when were getting into our high school shenanigans. But I gotta tell ya, walking through the door and seeing Buddy’s face was – hands down – the highlight of my weekend. I seriously fall more in love with that dog every single day.


Photo 1: Fort Lauderdale Beach


Photo 2: Girls Night Out!


Photo 3: Drunk Brunch


Photo 4: Sunset views from the apartment


Photo 5: THIS FACE. That’s all.

Which photo is your favorite? 

Girl Meets Fashion: {Stella & Dot}

Guess who’s back, back again? Kim is back – tell a friend.

And, as of last night, Kim is back OFFICIALLY EMPLOYED! Last night she was offered her dream job as a 5th grade math teacher and she accepted! I couldn’t be more proud of you!!!

On that note, take it away!


Hi everyone, hope you all had a great weekend! I had a lovely date night on Friday, spent Saturday making lesson plans, and spent time with my family on Sunday.

My sister Melissa recently became a Stella & Dot stylist and had her first trunk show this Sunday. I decided to get all dressed up to play dress up with the jewelry. I tried on a bunch of versatile, fashionable jewelry and had a hard time figuring out which piece to buy. I’m a sucker for jewelry, it’s my weakness. But you can incorporate it into every single outfit, so can you really blame me?

I was able to mix and max multiple options to form different outfits with the various earrings and necklaces. If you like any of the looks seen here today, or want to browse to mix and match your own jewelry combinations make sure you check out Melissa’s Stella & Dot shop here.
It just goes to show that you can transform an outfit entirely by adding, or taking away jewelry! Never underestimate the power of accessories.
What’s your favorite accessory to add to an outfit? 

Girl Meets Fashion: {How To Rock An Interview}

Big news over in these parts: Stephanie is officially employed!!!


I couldn’t be more excited for her! Not only does she have a source of income, but now I’m claiming her as my plus one when I travel to Australia and New Zealand next spring. Time to start saving, Steph!

Back in the day when I graduated from Florida State (just kidding – I’m not that old yet) I was fortunate enough to have a standing job offer. Unfortunately, most young Americans aren’t so lucky. After watching
my sister go through the application process over and over, I started to see a trend. A lot of hard work is put into your application to have interviews fill you with hope to only be let down with a rejection email. Sometimes you didn’t get the job because it’s just bad luck, a lot of the time it’s because of the competitive job market, but every now and then, it’s because of something you did. And that “something” is something that could have prevented.

A little tidbit of knowledge about me: in addition to my normal 8 to 5-er, I’m also a field recruiter for my company. Each Fall and Spring semester I go to 2-3 colleges across the U.S. and attend career fairs, give classroom presentations, and host on campus interviews.

I am that person you’re trying to impress. I’m the one who makes the decision as to whether you will be passed along in the application process, or added to the list of rejection letters. It all starts the moment you walk through the door – and that’s where I come in.

I hate to say it, but employers will judge a book by it’s cover and they will be judging you. On what you’re wearing, on how you present yourself, and how professional you appear to be. That means that your first impression is a lasting impression, so make it a good one. Strong eye contact and handshakes are important, but a well put together outfit is crucial. When walking into an interview you should be dressed in business professional wear, if not a suit.


Make sure your clothing fits you and compliments your body type. That means your shirt shouldn’t be too tight, your pants shouldn’t be baggy and I shouldn’t be able to catch a glimpse of your ass if you were to bend over. Invest in a suit that looks great on you and you feel comfortable in. If you’re not comfortable in your clothes, it will shine through in your interview.

Keep it conservative. Less is always more. Your makeup should be natural. Accentuate your features, but don’t overdo it. Keep the nail polish conservative and stick to neutral colors. Try not to overload your outfit with jewelry, a simple watch and with studs will do the trick! You want the interviewer to be focused on you, not your eyeshadow color.

Let your personality and attributes shine. A bad outfit can be distracting to an interviewer. You could be the perfect candidate for a position, but if your skirt is too short and you’re wearing 5 inch heels, you may lose the job because of what you’re wearing.

Lucky for Steph, she had a built in businesswoman living right next door. After sweeping through my closet, we threw together a perfect interview outfit. And, not to toot my own horn, but she was offered the job on the spot. But I’ll let her take the credit for that one ;)



| Pants: Express | Top: Express | Shoes: Target |

| Purse: Michael Kors | Watch: Betsey Johnson|